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silvia.jpg.txt                0K Flux, burst of activity...not human (cont'd)
silvia2.lhp.txt               0K I would shake my fists in indignation
silvia.mp3.txt                0K I'll call you
silvia_timestamp_order.txt    2K Server timestamp ordering
silvia2.jpg.txt               1K Speaking of footprints               19K Spiral with 'I have tiny feet!'                19K Spiral with 'WHOMP!'
silvia.graffle.jpg           17K Tarot cards, moon
silvia.gif.txt                0K Those nodes were nuts...nice patching
silvia3.txt                   0K boys, boys, keep it quiet
silvia2.mp3.txt               0K hip hip hooray
silvia.ypt.txt                1K ignominious vowel whispers
silvia2.mic.txt               0K like anyone caused any real harm
silvia.doc.gif                1K machine?
silvia.lhp.txt                0K metaphors
silvia3.mic.txt               0K no one woulda got fried..thunderstorm in redland
silvia2.kbp.txt               0K opposable thumbs, people
silvia.wsg.jpg               24K plate of tomatoes for malloc
silvia2.doc.gif               1K safe.
silvia.mic.txt                0K scratch
silvia2.ypt.txt               0K she drearily sings to the intense spoon
silvia2.txt                   0K thanks for helping with the cleanup
silvia.kbp.txt                0K that's some crazy energy
silvia.txt                    0K what's your plan, Stan?
silvia3.jpg.txt               0K why the hostility?
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