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code                          Random bits of Java code
00000001.jpg                    38K 10/01 'Eye See', First pic, little girl
00000100_old.jpg                17K 10/05 'et tu', Bobby pic (original)
00000100_new.jpg                17K 10/05 'et tu', Bobby pic (update)
bobby_diffs.gif                  6K 10/05 Visual differences between two Bobby pics
00001001.gif                    72K 10/09 'Grabbing Internet Files, a primer', file cabinet
00011001.jpg                    50K 10/09 'Oh, and BTW...', Congratulations
00001001_small.jpg              33K 10/09 Small version of file cabinet image
00001001.txt                     1K 10/09 Text hidden in file cabinet gif
00001111.jpg                    32K 10/11 'sasquatch'
00000011.jpg                    81K 10/16 'whomp'm posted by Caesar
00011010.jpg                    29K 10/26 'Oh look a mysterious image', posted by Scratch
00001000.jpg                    37K 11/06 Agenda, posted by Caesar
031106-0157-agenda-random.txt    0K 11/06 Random's first text post
031106-0158-agenda-random.txt    0K 11/06 Random's second text post
letter_distribution.txt          1K 11/08 Partial letter distribution in Texel's message                        2K 11/08 Texel's ASCII messages
texel.tif                      534K 11/08 Texel's messages, rendered big in the proper fonts
texel.txt                        1K 11/08, decoded                       0K 11/13 Posted by Texel
texel2.txt                       0K 11/13, decoded

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