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cv_letter.tif              137K A letter I sent to the Cascade Vortex snail mail address
thoughtmap.jpg             315K A thoughtmap of people and sites (JPG image)
thoughtmap.graffle         115K A thoughtmap of people and sites (OmniGraffle)
thoughtmap.png             188K A thoughtmap of people and sites (PNG image)
thoughtmap.tif             268K A thoughtmap of people and sites (TIFF image)
greetings.jpg               85K Fake postcard
paranormal_data.sxc         10K OpenOffice spreadsheet of paranormal data
BethFilesTranslation.txt     2K Translation of Beth's files
faq.html                     9K Unfinished attempt at writing a FAQ
history.html                31K Unfinished attempt at writing a history of the ARG
PhoneNumbers.txt             1K [No Description]   256K [No Description]
cv_letter_returned.tif      34K [No Description]
dimitri_v_heismissing.jpg   33K [No Description]
heismissing.jpg            422K [No Description]
mlo_yes.jpg                  8K [No Description]

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