Research : Current

Don't let the name "current" fool you. It is often the case that the paranormal anomalies on this page occurred years ago but just happens to be a current interest of mine for whatever reason.

Congo Hail
  Between the 3rd and 7th of August this year, four hectares of cropland near Ouesso, Congo were reduced to detritus when an unexpected hailstorm hit the area.
Cow Tripping
  Cows take a mysterious 500 mile journey from Lincoln to Aurora, NE.
Raining Frogs
  Frog eggs drop from the sky after Hurricane Isabel
Non-Thermal Fire
  Eyewitnesses report a bright blaze burning with no consumption of fuel and generating no heat.
Powerless Power Plants
  A massive power grid failure blacked out much of the northeast US and southeast Canada in August.
Red Tide, Fresh Water
  A landlocked body of water was discovered to have turned red quite literally overnight.