Biography : My Work

I’ve never been a cheerleader-type and I certainly wouldn’t have gotten an award for school spirit. I’m a behind the scenes sort of person that does what needs to be done to the best of my ability. So when I was honored with the first corporate-wide employee of the month, no one was more surprised than me. Granted, logically I was a good choice. Several months after James Avery, a brilliant and passionate man who gave his heart and soul to this company, announced his retirement leaving the company without direction. After some languishing on the decision, the company has finally appointed a new CEO. While this is ultimately a good thing, the changes and uncertainty have made many employees and investors nervous. My entire career has been spent with Metacortex in R&D, a department that represents the future of the company. By choosing me, the company is showing faith in the dedicated employees as well as a commitment to the future. It was a very symbolic choice, yet one that I hope provides me with some security.

That wouldn’t have been an issue just a few months ago. I’ve worked under the same man since I started with the company as a college intern. We clicked immediately and he became more of a mentor than a boss. He supported me, he challenged me, but most importantly, he trusted me and I trusted him. Now I am not so sure. His demeanor toward me has slowly shifted over the past few months. It was easy to justify with the increased pressures that he has been facing, though he always rose to the occasion in the past. My work has been consistent over the past few month, my habits have not changed significantly. Yet his attitude towards me has changed. Last night I believe I discovered why.