Biography : My Life

What is there to tell?

I'm a 20-something living in the Northwest and working in the tech industry. Rather typical, really. My life was simple and content, which was exactly how I liked it.

I've learned that living a lie can be quite difficult. One lie leads to another and that to yet another. Before you know it, you are left choking in the very web you wove. That's how it was with us, the secret meetings, the cryptic phone calls, the emails that said volumes by saying nothing at all. We were choking ourselves, we were choking each other. One day we just let go. We went our own ways. It wasn't our choice but it was the only way. I just never heard from him again and it was done. As the emotion faded, the situation became clear. It was the only way and I see that now. Yet suddenly it's back. I wonder, am I the spider making the web or am I the bug trapped in it.