Biography : My Hobby

It all started out so innocently. A simple link to a website sent from a friend with the half-hearted plea, "You've gotta check this out! It can't be real, can it?" One website led to another and another and another... Before I knew it, my bookmarks were filled with crazy sites that seemed to be documenting another world. A world that called to me, that fascinated me.

The world, as we know it, is guided by a relatively complex set of simple rules. These rules are not only built on logic and order, they establish logic and order. These rules, these physical laws, cannot just be ignored or discounted. Yet here I was looking at page after page of instances that seemed to operate with different rules, ones that disrupt what we know to be true, to be possible.

Many people accept these instances on faith and consider them to be signs or miracles. Others believe that they're figments of a deluded mind or elaborate hoaxes meant to trick the feeble minded. I don't know what I believe. However, I do know that science, history, and knowledge dictate that there is a logical and rational explanation for such phenomena. They may be paranormal, but they are not abnormal.

For the past few years, I've spent countless hours living a normal life in a paranormal world. I know that every paranormal phenomenon has a logical or rational explanation. It could be something as simple as a hoax; it could be something far more complex. Today I am faced with accepting one of the most elaborate hoaxes that I’ve ever seen; a series of events spanning the world which seem to have come right out of the bible. Logic would dictate that this just couldn’t be real. Yet on the other hand, it wouldn’t seem very logical that a hoax of this magnitude would be feasible. Hopefully the truth will become clear soon.