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fragments              10/22 Pieces of torn letters
BethFiles              11/01 (emc2) Contests of ZIP on Beth's metadex
dimitri                11/06 (MLO) contents of 11/6
BethFiles2             [No Description] BethFiles2
heismissing.jpg          50K 10/09 (MLO) He is missing
heismissing.txt           1K 10/09 (MLO) He is missing, transcription
sheismissing.jpg         57K 10/09 (MLO) She is missing
sheismissing.txt          1K 10/09 (MLO) She is missing, transcription
walsh.20031015.jpg       51K 10/15 (MLO) Memo about Beth
walsh.20031015.txt        1K 10/15 (MLO) Memo about Beth, transcribed
kane.jpg                 43K 10/15 (Phillip) File on Kane
PA220104-HI.jpg         372K 10/22 (Phillip) Bin 1
PA220105-HI.jpg         367K 10/22 (Phillip) Bin 2
PA220106-HI.jpg         344K 10/22 (Phillip) Bin 3
PA220107-HI.jpg         349K 10/22 (Phillip) Bin 4
PA220108-HI.jpg         350K 10/22 (Phillip) Bin 5
PA220109-HI.jpg         340K 10/22 (Phillip) Bin 6
PA220110-HI.jpg         351K 10/22 (Phillip) Bin 7
PA220103-HI.jpg         263K 10/22 (Phillip) Drawer
letter-roger_smith.png  478K 10/22 Photoshop Jigsaw of letter from 'Roger Smith'
letter-sam.png          497K 10/22 Photoshop Jigsaw of letter from 'Sam'
letter-roger_smith.txt    1K 10/22 Transcription of Roger letter
letter-sam.txt            1K 10/22 Transcription of Sam letter             10K 11/01 (emc2) File on Beth's PDA              6K 11/05 (emc2) Files on Beth's PDA             423K 11/06 (MLO)
stream.txt                5K 11/13 (Beth) Beth's notes to herself
avery1.jpg               86K 11/13 (MLO) Old email from Avery (as CEO) to MLO (part 1)
avery2.jpg               65K 11/13 (MLO) Old email from Avery (as CEO) to MLO (part 2)
jesseid.jpg              58K 11/13 (MLO) Scan of Jesse's student ID card
transcript.txt            3K 11/13 (Phillip) Beth's questions to the silent man
pda.gif                  18K 11/13 (Phillip) The silent man's answers to the questions in transcript.txt
email.txt                 3K 11/13 (Phillip) The silent man's thanks to Beth for her help
phonecall.wav           421K 11/13 (katgirl) A copy of the halloween phone call
pda_data.txt              2K 11/13 Color/timing data for pda.gif
bird.jpg                 58K 11/20 (Beth) Phil found this image (and nothing more) in Wongmo's house
Mirrors of images found in MLO's account on Metadex

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