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caesar_irc_1_full.txt       2K First IRC with caesar, full text
caesar_irc_1_trimmed.txt    1K First IRC with caesar, trimmed text
caesar_irc_2_full.txt       4K Second IRC with caesar, full text
caesar_irc_2_trimmed.txt    3K Second IRC with caesar, trimmed text
AnthraX101_1.txt            8K [No Description]
AnthraX101_2.txt           10K [No Description]
AnthraX101_3.txt            4K [No Description]
transcript.txt              4K [No Description]
These are the IRC chat transcripts.  We have a pretty high confidence of the
first one being true, as a couple of pretty big hints were dropped (the
HTTP path that the FTP was moved to and the unique file extension).  
Confidence is pretty low on the second one--it is likely fake, but is being
posted here for completeness.

"skeptical" sent me some updated files, with all of the "noise" (i.e. other
people in the room who were not characters) removed.  They are posted here,
too (renamed to fit the existing scheme).

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