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faq.html                           4K 1. Hints that led to the FAQ
oneofthethingsyoumissed.jpg       31K 1a. Background for 1
questions.html                    11K 2. Answers (HTML format)
questions.ooutline                62K 2a. Answers (OmniOutliner format)
curiousmindswannaknow.html        94K 3. The actual FAQ
buzzkill.carelessly.qm2.bak.htm   24K 3a. Page referenced in the FAQ
tapestry.jpg                      71K 3b. Image referenced in the FAQ
Before the chat with the PMs, we were given a pointer to faq.html.
This decoded to the questions, presented here in questions.html.
These were answered (more or less).
The first letter of each answer was then used and resulted in:


Plaintext:  WOTN M SRK I  H  UP  EDC A

Which brought us to the curiousmindswannaknow page of answers

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