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mp3s                MP3 Files
slate.jpg             24K Background to several pages
beethoven.html         4K File found when guessing filenames based on name of Ethan's pics
blueline.html          3K File found when reading/extrapolating source to night.html
balladsoffrogs.html    4K Found from the 11 MP3s
mainlogo_full.tif    281K Main Logo (full)
mainlogo_01.jpg       28K Main Logo (left)
mainlogo_02.jpg       14K Main Logo (right)
night.html             4K Night page
triad.html             4K Pointed to by the music frequencies
deadcafe.html          3K Pointed to by the musical notes
music.jpg              6K Posted 11/4
subway.avi          1566K Static: .-- .- -.- . ..- .--. WAKEUP
frogballads.jpg       30K Used by balladsoffrogs.html
balladsoffrogs.jpg    25K Used by balladsoffrogs.html
beethoven.jpg          9K Used by beethoven.html
cafedead.jpg          51K Used by deadcafe.html
deadcafe.jpg          50K Used by deadcafe.html
belcanto.jpg          64K Used by triad.html
whisper.jpg           36K Used by triad.html
turninglogo.jpg       16K Weblog Logo
autumnal.html          2K [No Description]
autumnal.jpg          20K [No Description]
chrysalis.jpg         21K [No Description]
coffee.jpg            15K [No Description]
jessesketch.jpg       46K [No Description]
papillon.html          8K [No Description]
pupae.jpg             28K [No Description]
tortoise.html          2K [No Description]

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