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brutus.jpg.txt                0K 01)Tons of activity down south again             1271K 02)Help Me
brutus.kbp.txt                1K 03)Help you how?
brutus2.jpg.txt               1K 04)likely crying wolf
brutus.lhp.txt                0K 05)you're a big jerko and all, but you gotta let us know you're ok
brutus2.mic.txt               0K 06)I brought you your precious mommy and daddy
brutus.txt                    2K 07)
brutus3.mic.txt               1K 08)
brutus3.jpg.txt               0K 09)
brutus2.txt                   0K 10)
brutus4.jpg                  74K 11)
brutus.ypt.txt                1K 12)
brutus5.jpg.txt               3K 13)
brutus_timestamp_order.txt    1K File Timestamps
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password: suicide

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