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NEWS, 2003-11-22 - That's it.  The end.  Of course, this site will
stay up for the foreseeable future as an archive of the great work the
PMs put into this experience as well as the huge amounts of time and
effort we, the players, spent puzzling over the mystery.  Three cheers
for all!

This is my ultra-minimalist barebones archive of all stuff related to the 
Metacortex puzzles.  Email me with updates, if you want, or find me in
the #matrix channel.  With the exception of the "my_notes" folder, my goal
is to keep archives and mirrors of all available media in the Metacortex
ARG, but draw no conclusions from it.  THIS IS JUST A REPOSITORY OF DATA,

JoeBrent's Primer (detailed look at characters, sites, etc. ALSO 
talks about what an ARG is and proper game etiquette)

Unfiction Forums (continue by reading up-to-the-minute stuff that
Down The Rabbit Hole has not yet cataloged):

Good lists of characters and login information:

Learn what steganography is:

Stegdetect searches JPG files for steganography:

MP3Stego (Windows only) checks for stego in MP3 files:

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